Lumiruusu shawl pattern

Edit: Correction for chart 3 will soon be in Ulla site too. The repeated pattern shoud be 16 sts starting with knit2together, NOT 17 sts starting with knit.

Edit: Corrections to rows 8.-10.

Thank you Suzann and her Finnish-friend for sending me the translated pattern (I made some minor corrections) of Lumiruusu shawl! Ask if you have problems knitting the shawl and I try to help. It would be nice to know if you knit this shawl so please leave a comment, especially if you are not in Ravelry.

Lumiruusu/Snowrose - lace shawl

Wetterhoff Silvia (70% wool, 30% silk, 50g/500m), 100 g, pale blue. Any other lace weight yarn will work with the pattern. In the end of the instructions there is also tips on how to use thicker yarn (fingering,sport or maybe even DK)


Gauge has no great meaning, although changing the size with this pattern is not as straight forward as it is with traditional triangular shawls.


Circs 3,5mm and 4 mm.


Blocked height 95cm, width approximately 175cm.
Without blocking shawl height is approximately 64cm.


Before you start

In this shawl increases can only be made on certain rows. If you wish to change the size of the shawl, do note that adding or removing lace rows will affect the shape of the shawl especially within the first rows. Following the pattern the shawl is not exactly half circle. If you knit less rows between adding rows, the shawl shape changes towards a full circle (sector size grows). If you add rows especially in the beginning of the shawl, it will become more like half circle.

Cast on 6 sts.

* 1st row: knit all
* 2nd row: knit both front and back loops of each stich = 12 stiches
* 3rd & 4th row: knit
* 5th row: knit 3 sts, *Yo, knit*, repeat *_* until you have three stiches left, then Yo and knit the three left stiches = 13 (+6 edge stitch)

Continue knitting to knit on last three stiches garter stitch and follow the instructions otherwise. The edge stiches are not counted anymore in the full stich count and are not mentioned in the pattern/instructions. Purl even (WS) rows, excluding the 3+3 edge stiches.

* 7th row: knit
* 9th row: Yo, *knit 1, Yo*, repeat *_* till end of row, 27 sts

Start pattern according to chart 1, repeat the pattern from squared off part till the end of the row.

* 11th-22nd row: repeat after chart 12th row - basicly repeart pattern twice
* 23rd row: knit 2, Yo, *knit 1, Yo*, repeat *_* till you have 2 sts left,knit them = 51s
* 25th-42 rows: repeat chart pattern 1 three times
* 43rd row: do additions as on row 23 = 99 sts
* 45th-80th row: repeat chart pattern 1 six times
* 81st row: do additions as on row 23 = 195 sts
* 83rd-136th row: repeart chart pattern 1 nine times
* 137th row: Yo, knit 3, Yo, * knit 1, Yo, knit 3, Yo, knit 1, Yo, knit 3, Yo*, repeat *_* till end of the row (for each pattern you will incr. 4 sts)
* 139th-180th row: repeat chart pattern 2 seven times
* 181th row: knit 2 together, Yo, knit 1, Yo, ssk, * front andcback, knit 1, knit front and back, knit, knit front and back, knit,knit front and back, k2tog, Yo, knit , Yo, ssk*, repeat *_*
till end of row (for every pattern you will incr. 4 sts)
* 183th-212 row: repeat chart pattern 3 three times
Change to larger needles.
* 213th-244th rows: knit chart pattern 4 once.

Bind off loosely, for example in following manner: *Ssk, and move new st. back to left needle*. Repeat *_* till the end of the row.

Soak and block with help of a tape measure so you will end up with a symmetrical shawl with even edge. You can use for example thin wire or long circular needles to stretch the top edge of the shawl.


If you want larger shawl, the best way to increase the size is by repeating the pattern chart 3 more than three times, this barely changes the shape of the shawl. Do note that 200g of yarn may not be enough as the last rows will take a lot.

If you wish to knit the shawl from thicker yarn, you can do it for example in following manner:
* knit the first 24 rows as instructed
* repeart chart pattern 1 four times
* Do additions as on row 23 and repeat chart pattern 1 six times
* Do additions as on 137th row and repeart chart pattern 2 four times
* Do additions as on 181th row and repeart chart pattern 3 four times
* Knit chart pattern 4 once and bind off

This way the shawl will have 186 rows.

Please go to the site http://www.ullaneule.net/0108/ohjeet_lumiruusu.html for the charts for the pattern
Chart abbreviations:
O = yarn over, yo
Δ= slip, knit 2 together, pass slipped stich over
\ = ssk, slip, slip, knit
/ =knit 2 together, k2tog

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  1. Täällä Lumiruusu tekeillä siitä mun omasta ihkusta oranssista!!

  2. I saw a finished version of this shawl on Ravelry in the 10 Shawls in 2010 group and just had to come find the pattern. It is very beautiful. Thank you for making a translation available to English speakers.

  3. I stopped by just for help in starting a top-down, semi-circular shawl after seeing this beauty on Ravelry. Thank you!